How to time your Charlotte Area home sale

Hardly anyone decides to put their house up for sale without wondering whether there wouldn’t be a better time to do so. There are many different ways to look at the impact timing has on when best to list your home in the Charlotte Area, but here are the two most common considerations:

Option 1: Timing by the calendar.

This one is a bit controversial. Real Estate professionals and commentators have differing opinions. Some argue the optimal timing of a home’s sale is during the spring and summer season. In the residential real estate lexicon that’s the “peak selling season.” And since many transactions are in fact initiated during those good weather months when the sun shines the longest, selling in the spring and summer seems to make the most sense.

Of course, when you list your home during the peak selling season, it may put you in competition with many more sellers. And this is the root of the disagreement.

The peak season proponents argue that’s a problem since there are also more buyers in the market. The year-round proponents counter that those house-hunters looking in less-than-ideal weather demonstrate a more significant commitment to buying and therefore are better prospects.

Option 2: Timing by your calendar.

This option argues for tossing out the wall calendar in favor of letting your individual situation dictate the timing for your own Charlotte Area home sale. Some financial experts suggest that when your home no longer fits your lifestyle, that’s all the timing you need to pay attention to…if your financial ducks are in a row.

If your debt situation is in control, and you’re confident you can afford to buy your next home, the only timing issue remaining is allowing enough of it to bring your current home up to prime showing condition.

Our thoughts…

It depends. The timing debate can be argued either way. From our perspective, your personal situation and household economics should always dictate the final decision on timing the sale of your home. We believe homes that are priced appropriately for the market and well-marketed can sell throughout the year. We argue that this approach is particularly true when available housing inventory is low.

If your situation suggests it’s time to start thinking about selling your Charlotte Area home, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll have a no-obligation discussion about the best timing for you.

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